Suggs Eye Center is Texoma’s first on-site laser refractive surgery facility. Suggs Eye Center offers treatments and procedures for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, glaucomacataracts, laser cataracts, and diabetes. Dr. Suggs and staff perform over 1,000 cataract and refractive surgeries per year.

Suggs Eye Center was the first facility in Texoma to offer:

  • No Stitch/No Shot/”Instant Vision” cataract surgery
  • SLT for our glaucoma patients
  • Wavefront guided ablations for nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism
  • Incisional astigmatism correction
Suggs Eye Center now offers Laser Cataract Surgery in Wichita Falls.


LASIK surgery is the most technologically advanced method for correcting nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness. More than a million LASIK procedures have been performed in the United States, and the safety and effectiveness of the surgery is now unquestionable.

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By age 80, more than half of all Americans either have a cataract or have had cataract surgery. Suggs Eye Center offers traditional and our new laser cataract procedure to help you get back to a normal life. Don't wait, call Suggs Eye Center in Wichita Falls today for your consultation at 940-696-2733.

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Laser Cataract

Laser Cataract

Laser Cataract Surgery is now available in Wichita Falls, only from Suggs Eye Center. The LenSx Laser is used in more cataract surgeries worldwide than any other femtosecond laser. Let Suggs Eye Center provide you with a consultation to see if this state-of-the-art laser procedure is right for you.

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The 1st FDA approved bladeless cataract laser is in Wichita Falls and EXCLUSIVELY at Suggs Eye Center. Contact us today to schedule your laser cataract consultation! ... See MoreSee Less

Say "Yes" to "No"

Cataract patients in The Greater Wichita Falls area have reason to rejoice thanks to a new treatment being offered at Suggs Eye Center designed to eliminate one of the most frustrating aspects of cataract surgery: the numerous eye drops required after surgery.

We are proud to now offer No-Drop cataract surgery, a procedure that is receiving rave reviews from patients and surgeons alike.
“When you look at cataract treatments over the last decade, we’ve made many incredible advances in technology. Between new lens procedures and the LenSx cataract laser, we’re able to help many patients enjoy clear vision, often reducing the need for corrective lenses. No-Drop cataract treatment is the latest advancement that’s not only exciting for patients, but for me as well.” –Dr. Suggs

In the standard postoperative care for cataract surgery, patients are required to diligently use both antibiotic and steroid eye drops before and after their procedures to prevent infection and inflammation and to promote healing. While the drops have been effective, the rigid expectations for the drop schedule can be difficult to follow. Missing scheduled drops can lead to an increased risk of potential complications.

For patients who medically qualify for the new No-Drop cataract surgery, the surgeon administers a mixture that contains the antibiotic and steroid medications into the eye during the procedure. The medication remains in the eye where it slowly dissolves while the eye is healing. This allows most patients to heal without the need for additional prescription eye drops.
In addition to the convenience, many patients report a significant cost savings for the No-Drop cataract surgery. Typical cataract surgery prescription eye drops can cost $100 to $400 per eye. In contrast, if patients elect to undergo No-Drop cataract surgery, it is rare for them to pay for any prescription eye drops.

Dr. Suggs says the new No-Drop procedure is a welcome addition to the advanced cataract technology already in place.

“With the new No-Drop treatment, we are able to make cataract surgery less expensive and more convenient. By placing the medication directly into the eye, we can eliminate or reduce the number of drops that the patient is required to purchase. This is an exciting new option for the patients of Suggs Eye Center."-Dr. Suggs
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